Gain an Operational Advantage

As more threats and vulnerabilities arise, it becomes increasingly important to build and protect communications networks from the ground up for mission-critical operations. Developing an innovative, purpose-built satcom network with the latest capabilities can ensure personnel stay connected and receive relevant information faster for informed decision-making. This ultimately allows defense organizations to gain the upper hand against adversaries.

Read on to learn more about why militaries and governments around the world rely on ST Engineering iDirect to provide the cutting-edge solutions to operate from a position of strength.

Gaining Operational Advantage

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In today’s evolving world, military organizations need a sophisticated satellite communications network that can accommodate increasingly dispersed and complex operations while providing the utmost security and resiliency. This whitepaper focuses on building a multi-layered security and resiliency network in line with the six key requirements necessary to obtain information superiority, tactical advantage and successful operations.

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Key Applications

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With always-on voice, video, and data services, troops are able to stay connected with family and friends or participate in online training and distance learning, which helps to boost morale.



Our solutions enable centralized network management to monitor troop locations, gather intelligence, communicate tactical plans and advantageously allocate resources in the field.


Our quickly deployable solutions are optimized for size, weight, and power (SWaP) allowing warfighters to receive battlefield imagery, transmit situational video, and receive telemedicine consultation.


Our defense-grade product portfolio features embedded mobility and security to enable mission-critical communications on land, in the air, or at sea.


Whether on land, in the air, or at sea, our solutions facilitate coordinated and integrated information for accurate situational awareness resulting in actionable intelligence for warfighters.

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