The Future of Cellular Backhaul

There’s a massive opportunity to expand mobile networks. The market for remote and rural coverage is growing exponentially. And satellite connectivity is more critical than ever to improve emergency response, manage data traffic volumes and support our voracious appetitive for video. The time to act is now! Scroll down to get the full story.

Satellite’s Full Range

See how satellite connectivity’s inherent capabilities, strengthened by recent innovations, can help mobile operators address key network challenges and bridge growth gaps.

Remote, Rural and Ultra-Rural Connectivity

As mobile phones continue to spread throughout developing parts of the world, mobile operators will need to supply remote coverage that can handle not only traditional voice but new, data-heavy applications as well.

Emergency Response

Mobile operators need their networks to remain online for disaster response and recovery efforts. Satellite can provide seamless and reliable failover, evening transforming vehicles into mobile hotspots.


Satellite can cost-effectively support over-the-top (OTT) content distribution, especially for bandwidth-intensive video applications and software updates for connected applications.


Satellite can provide a critical support role for 5G network applications, managing traffic congestion through network offloading, and partitioning bandwidth to protect key applications.

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Our Technology Vision

5G provides the ultimate opportunity to offer a much wider range of services. In fact, NSR estimates that 5G-differentiated applications will generate close to one-third of net satellite capacity revenue growth in backhaul over the next 10 years. Our platform advances are designed to achieve full inter-operability with the end-to-end 5G network.

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